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Tatta Neighbourhood guides

Are you in a new place and have no idea what to do? You probably never knew that your best event or food is  somewhere in the area. With TATTA neighbourhood guides we show you all the great things that happen in the area.

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Introducing Health & Dynamic Retreats

A series of both local and international trips all themed around Health and Wellness

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The Traveler's Guide

the eGuide For a First Time Traveler – Everything you need to know (Uganda Edition)*
In this guide by our co-founder and travelpreneur, Enock, you will have access to the following information:

1. Travel documents
√ Passport (How to get it, where to get it and at how much)
√ Visa (valid visa for the country you are visiting
√ Yellow Fever Card (why you need it and where to get it, at how much)
√ Travel Insurance (where to get it and at how much)
2. Diplomatic missions in Uganda
3. Over 60 Countries that you can travel to without visa, plus what activities to enjoy while there.
4. Foreign Currency – It is not allowed to carry more than US$ 10,000 as cash or traveler’s cheque.
5. Baggage Allowance (on international flights, this varies with the airline, sector/destination, frequent flyer membership and other factors)

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